Hi, I am Daniel Bonsu.

I am a data scientist / photographer born, raised and schooled in Accra, Ghana. I love a story and this personal biography won't be any different. I love to lead, I love excellence, I love social work and this makes me very excited about creative projects that allow me to express myself.

With about 7 years of experience in photography rest assured my creative journey with you is always going to be an experience. Clients turn family almost every single time and I will always be as invested in your event as you are ensuring we reach the best end the only way I know how, excellently.

I love to chat and love conversations over a well placed bowl of Cafe Kwae's pasta mix. Let's chat sometime!



“Daniel is by far the best story-teller photographer I have met! Trust me when I say no one else can effectively make your event album ‘read’ like a well-written novel. His eye for spotting all the right moments and his swiftness in capturing them has been the reason I have consistently worked with him over the past 5 years. Coupled with his professionalism and swift delivery, I am certain that he will remain my first choice for many years to come.”